[Notice] Details for DOSI Adventure Week 9 Event


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Hello from DOSI team.

The Week 9 event of DOSI Adventure just started.
Please check the various NFT Prizes prepared for week 9 participants of DOSI Adventure, go on an adventure to find the treasures prepared for DOSI Citizen!

Details for DOSI Adventure Week 9 Event

• Date of Event
 2022.12.01 00:00 (UTC) ~ 2022.12.08 00:00 (UTC)

• Raffle Prize
✔︎ NFT prizes will be awarded according to the achievement of the conditions for the cumulative number of participations in the Adventure for each week.
✔︎ Invite more friends and participate in the Adventure to achieve the cumulative number of participations for each stage!
✔︎ Please check the details of the cumulative number of participations, NFT prizes, and the number of winners below.

(Total) Participation completed Week 9 Raffle Prize The number of Winners
From 50,000 participations BAYC #127 1
From 30,000 participations Meebits #717 1
From 10,000 participations Cool Cats #6512 1
From 5,000 participations Cryptoadz #4237 1
From 3,000 participations Hellbound 42
From 1,000 participations DOSI Citizen Traveler 20,000

• Date of Announcement for Winner draw live streaming

2022.12.15 01:00 (UTC)

• Announcement Channel of Winner draw live streaming
Notice of DOSI Citizen
* Please check the DOSI Citizen Notice for details about the winners and prizes

Go to the DOSI Adventure for joining:
* For users logging in from Japan, the DOSI Citizen services are currently unavailable

New updates will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Thank you.

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