[Notice] Dec 2022 Airdrop Schedule for DOSI Wallet Sign up Event


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Hello from DOSI Team.

We would like to inform you about the November 2022 airdrop schedule for an event that provides a unique Citizen NFT when you sign up for DOSI Wallet.
The airdrop will be distributed on the following Wednesday(or the next business day if it is holiday) of the week you signed up.
Please refer to the detailed schedule below.

Time : UTC


DOSI Wallet users who signed up between
2022.11.28 ~ 2022.12.4

DOSI Wallet users who signed up between
2022.12.5 ~ 2022.12.11

DOSI Wallet users who signed up between
2022.12.12 ~ 2022.12.18

DOSI Wallet users who signed up between
2022.12.19 ~ 2022.12.25

Airdrop schedule 2022.12.7 2022.12.14 2022.12.21 2022.12.28

NFT to be airdropped: 1 DOSI Citizen NFT (traveler grade)
* The airdrop schedule may change depending on the operating situation. Additional notice will be provided when there are changes.

DOSI Citizen airdrop for new DOSI Wallet users will continue to operate,
and we would like to ask for your interest and participation in the DOSI Adventure (city exploration) where various NFT prizes are provided every week.

Thank you.

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