[Notice] Hellbound NFT 3-3rd Sales Round Announcement


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Hello from DOSI Team.

The last public sale, 3-3rd rounds of Hellbound NFT is opening on November 24, 08:00(UTC). Don't miss the last chance to buy Hellbound NFT, with a variety of events to celebrate the launch of the C2C marketplace!

You can buy Hellbound NFT collections using Naver Pay (in South Korea) or a credit card (in other countries except for the USA, Europe, Thailand, and Japan) or ETH, with different payment methods available depending on the country.

  • Date: Nov. 24 08:00 - Nov. 27 14:00(UTC)
  • Price: $100
  • Amount: 1,000ea in random sales

√ The last sales Round to buy NFTs with Hellbound character concepts (Include the last 1 VIP rarity NFT)

√ For all NFT holders, offer additional NFTs for experiencing the <Hellbound> worldview
1️⃣ Airdrop the 'Condemnation NFT' with the designated date
2️⃣ Airdrop the 'Demonstration NFT' according to the condemnation date

√ Autographs of the <Hellbound> original creators, director Yeon Sang-ho and writer Choi Gyu-seok are provided!
1️⃣ Given to all holders who bought from the Hellbound NFT 1~3 Sales Round(B2C) or C2C Trade and have five or more Hellbound NFTs
2️⃣ Only available in DOSI: Original Sketch(Print) + Autograph Package
 ✓ The snapshot schedule, address collect process, and delivery schedule will all be announced separately

√ 'Jung Jin-Soo NFT', appears in the Hellbound NFT worldview!
1️⃣ 'Jung Jin-Soo NFT' will be given to all holders who bought from the Hellbound NFT 1~3 Sales Round(B2C) and have three or more Hellbound NFTs
2️⃣ In the future, 'Jeong Jin-soo NFT' will be used for <Hellbound> worldview expansion and a separate role
 ✓ Snapshot and airdrop schedules will be announced separately after 3-3rd sales round

√ Opportunity to participate in Hellbound NFT C2C Trade and Special Promotions 

1️⃣ All users who complete their first C2C trade(sales and purchases) will receive a 100% 500DON
2️⃣ Hellbound Special NFT + a maximum of $240 worth of Crypto is provided depending on collection conditions by camp
3️⃣ 1,000DON + $100 worth of Crypto is provided for having a Hellbound NFT C2C transaction history and 3 or more of the same camp
4️⃣ DON Rewards for DOSI NFT buyers
 ✓ 50DON per $1 rewarded for Round 3 NFT buyer (If $100 is spent, 5,000 DON will be awarded.)
 ✓ 20 DON per 0.001 ETH rewarded for C2C marketplace trader (min 0.03ETH ~ max 1ETH daily)

√ 'Camp Symbol NFT' will be provided by Hellbound NFT camp'

1️⃣ The most NFT holders for each camp (Citizen, Sodo, The New Truth, and Arrowhead) will be selected as the camp representative
2️⃣ To the selected holder, a separate 'Camp Symbol NFT' will be provided and confrontation within the worldview will be expanded

* NFT Purchase Rewards Program applies to all current and future B2C and C2C purchases, including purchases made at the DOSI Store since September 14, 2022.
* Please refer to the link( for more information on the Hellbound NFT special promotion.
* Please refer to the link( for more information on the Hellbound NFT C2C Marketplace open event.
* 444ea of Hellbound NFT will be utilized for events out of 4,444 collections in total.
* Rarity for each Round is random.
* Unsold or refunded NFTs for each Round will be burnt and not be sold.
* Please be aware of both DOSI’s and the payment method’s Terms of Services regarding NFT purchase and refund policies.
* Refunds are not allowed due to the randomness feature of Hellbound NFT.
* Rewarded users shall take the required responsibility of taxes & public utilities’ charge of the countries according to user’s residence with direct payment.
* Because of the volatility of crypto, details would be announced later with reward schedule.

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You can find more specifics and the latest updates about Hellbound sales on DOSI's Twitter feed

Thank you.

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