[Notice] Emart24 Samcheong-dong NFT pop-up store


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Hello from DOSI Team.

Introducing the <Emart 24 Samcheong-dong NFT pop-up store> in which the DOSI project participates.
'Emart 24 Samcheon-dong NFT Pop-up Store' is the first collaborator-type offline NFT pop-up store event to participate in the DOSI project.

• Details: Offline NFT pop-up store event where you can enjoy various domestic NFT project goods sales, prize supply events, and on-site parties
• Venue: Emart 24 Samcheong-dong (2nd floor, 68 Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea)
• Event period: 2022.11.21(Mon) ~ 2022.12.25(Sun)
• Opening Hour: 10:00 ~ 21:00 (UTC+9)
• Participating NFT projects: DOSI, Won-Dungi of Emart24, Puuvilla, Sunmiya Club, ArcheWorld, DADAZ

Various events and prizes are prepared for DOSI users, so please check the details below.

1. DOSI NFT holders can receive a limited edition DOSI hood T-shirt

• How to participate: After visiting the NFT pop-up store site, at the counter on the 2nd floor, ask the site staff ① DOSI Wallet membership authentication + ② DOSI NFT possession authentication

• Prize: a limited edition DOSI hood T-shirt (Limited to first 3 people per day)
* For DOSI NFT holding authentication, you must have at least one of Hellbound, NOW.Drops, DIA NFT, and LG Twins NFT.
* When all prizes are sold out, the event could be automatically end and a separate announcement will be made through the DOSI Discord channel.

2. Free DOSI Citizen sticker for visitors

• Details: A cute DOSI sticker set is provided for free to those who visit the NFT pop-up store of Emart 24 Samcheong-dong.

• Stickers can be picked up at the counter on the 2nd floor.
* The above sticker set is provided in limited quantity and only 1 per person.
* Please note that the stickers may be sold out early due to the large number of visitors.

3. Authenticate on Social Media and get a chance to win DOSI hood T-shirts, 1,000 DON, and Citizen NFT!

• How to participate: Make NFT photo cards according to the NFT pop-up store on-site guidance, and participate in the Lucky Draw event

• Prizes: DOSI hood T-shirts, 1,000 DON, Citizen NFT (Lv2) and various other goods from 5 NFT projects
* Details related to the event can be found on the site of the NFT pop-up store

Through this NFT pop-up store event, you can see goods and digital exhibition spaces of various NFT projects, including the DOSI project.
You can meet DOSI Citizen offline for the first time! Thank you for your love and interest.

Thank you.

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