[Notice] Hellbound NFT 3-2nd Sales Round


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Hello from DOSI Team.

The 3-2nd sales Round of Hellbound NFT is opening from November 9, 08:00(UTC). In order to provide various benefits to users, Round 3 will be divided into 3 times.
You can buy Hellbound NFT collections using Naver Pay (in South Korea) or a credit card (in other countries except for the USA, Europe, Thailand, and Japan) or ETH, with different payment methods available depending on the country.

√ 500 unique NFTs with Hellbound character concepts

√ For all NFT holders, offer additional NFTs for experiencing the <Hellbound> worldview

   1️⃣ Airdrop the 'Condemnation NFT' with the designated date
   2️⃣ Airdrop the 'Demonstration NFT' according to the condemnation date

√ Special promotion benefits are provided depending on collection conditions by camp'

   1️⃣ Offer a minimum of $80 to a maximum of $240 worth of Crypto
   2️⃣ Offer Hellbound Special NFT (Image to be released)

√ Opportunity to participate in a variety of events celebrating the C2C trade launch update, including a 100% prize of 500DON for the first C2C trade

  • Date: Nov. 9 08:00(UTC) - Nov. 11 14:00(UTC)
  • Price: $100
  • Amount: 500ea in random sales

* Please refer to the link( for more information on the Hellbound NFT special promotion.
* Please refer to the link( for more information on the Hellbound NFT C2C Marketplace open event.
* Details of the next round of sales will be announced later.
* 444ea of Hellbound NFT will be utilized for events out of 4,444 collections in total.
* Rarity for each Round is random.
* Unsold or refunded NFTs for each Round will be burnt and not be sold.
* Please be aware of both DOSI’s and the payment method’s Terms of Services regarding NFT purchase and refund policies.
* Refunds are not allowed due to the randomness feature of Hellbound NFT.
* Rewarded users shall take the required responsibility of taxes & public utilities’ charge of the countries according to user’s residence with direct payment.
* Because of the volatility of crypto, details would be announced later with reward schedule.

Go to the Hellbound Store:
You can find more specifics and the latest updates about Hellbound sales on DOSI's Twitter feed
If you have any questions about how to purchase, please follow the 3-step DOSI NFT purchase guide at DOSI Medium:

Thank you.

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