[Notice] Main Updates in November for DOSI Citizen


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Hello from DOSI Team.

A large scale of update is scheduled in November for the first time including the Citizen NFT levelup.
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It is largely classified into four sections as follows:

1. Expanding the Rewards You Get from the Sum of Citizen NFTs
Since the update you can earn additional rewards depending on your Citizen level and the sum of Citizen NFTs.
• Those who are at Level 1 (traveler level) holding one NFT can get 50 DON, and if they hold 10 NFTs they get 190 DON at maximum.
 2. Introducing the Function of Citizen NFT levelup
A four-phase Citizen NFT levelup system will be operated where you can move your level up to a higher level. The phases are: Level 1 (Traveler), Level 2 (Visitor), Level 3 (Resident), and Level 4 (Citizen).
• Level up requirements: Burn of five to fifteen lower level of NFTs, payment of 1,000 to 50,000 DON, and transaction results reaching USD 200 to USD 10,000.
• Reward: Depending on the Citizen level, the daily DON you get per NFT increases from 50 DON to 3,000 DON. If the NFT amount goes up to 10, the daily DON increases from 190 to 12,000. 
 3. DON Rewards for NFT Transactions(Retroactive)
A reward system accompanied by NFT transactions, which is the main means to earn DON, will be introduced. All the users who buy the DOSI NFT will get DON as a reward.
• If you purchase NFT which is first minted or sold through B2C, 50 DON per USD 1 or 100 DON per 0.001 ETH will be rewarded depending on the purchase means.
• In case of a purchase of NFT through a user-to-user transaction in the C2C market, 20 DON per 0.001 ETH (0.03 ETH at daily minimum and 1 ETH at daily maximum) will be given.
* Minting: Transforming of digital content into NFT or issuing NFT

The transaction rewards will be backdated from the very beginning of the store launch for the benefit of the existing contributors. Purchases in November 4th through C2C are also applicable.

4. Expanding the Opportunity for Adventure Participation
In the current system, a user is able to participate in the adventure only five times a day at maximum (limited to 1,500 DON at maximum). With the November update, the chance to participate goes up to 50 times a day (45,500 DON at maximum).
This means the more a Citizen contributes or builds up, the more the Citizen gets chances by 50 times higher to participate in the adventure than a Citizen for whom one-time chance is given.

These four main updates will be released very soon. We are looking forward to your support and involvement.

Thank you.

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