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Hello from DOSI Team.

On the biggest chance of adding the third ring to their league champion collection in 28 years, LG Twins begin to sell the NFT collection on October 17, 2022.

The first digital collectible NFT, prepared by Naver Sports and LG Twins, can buy through Naver Pay (in South Korea) or credit card (in other countries except for the United States, Europe, Thailand, and Japan), with different payment methods available depending on the country.

This collection is dedicated to the fans who gave unconditional love and support for the team through thick and thin.
The collection consists of 4 tiers, that are Normal, Special, Rare, and Unique. An owner of the collectible can receive special goods prepared by LG Twins.
LG Twins NFT is only for 248 fans and you can easy to get NFTs with no minting* fee in DOSI!

√ LG Twins' first official digital collection
√ All buyers will receive a physical LG Twins card
√ Two tickets for all matches of LG Twins postseason (Unique Rarity)
√ Opportunity to preempt future off-line fan meetings
* Besides these benefits, there are more various benefits prepared for each tier, so please look forward to it.

Date : Oct. 17, 1AM (UTC) ~ Oct. 21, 3PM (UTC)  
NFT information : LG Twins NFT

NFT Details

Rarity Normal Special Rare Unique
Quantity 120 70 50 8
Price $20 $40 $130 $1,100

* Minting an NFT means converting digital data into crypto collections or digital assets recorded on the blockchain. 
* Please note that the quantity and price for each NFT's rarity are different.
* A total of 248 NFTs will be sold during the sales period.
* Overseas users can also purchase the NFTs, but please purchase carefully as you will not be able to receive goods delivery and match ticket benefits.
* For users logging in from Japan, the DOSI Citizen services are currently unavailable.
* The benefits are subject to change according to the policy of LINE NEXT or LG Twins.
* Please note the purchase and refund regulation of NFT sold by DOSI and the payment and return policy according to the payment method.

Thank you.

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