[Event] DOSI Citizen Whitelist Event


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Hello from DOSI Team.

DOSI introduces the first DOSI Citizen whitelist event for DOSI NFT holders. Achieve the requirements and do not miss out the benefits for DOSI Citizen!
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• Date: 2022.10.7 ~ 2022.10.20 11:00(UTC)
• Requirements
  ◦ DOSI Wallet Hodl NFTs (excluding Citizen NFT)
    Twitter account connect and DOSI Twitter follow&retweet
    Discord account connect and DOSI Discord join
  ◦ Whitelist is limited to 2,000 members
• Reward:
  ◦ Members who achieved all the requirements: 2,000 users will get 1,000DON (FCFS)
  ◦ 10 random members will get an airdrop of 'DOSI Citizen NFT - Level 2 Visitor'

* Participants are restricted to DOSI Wallet users.
* All users shall finish SMS authentication on DOSI Wallet to receive rewards.
* Social media(Twitter, Discord) requirement will be applied only to the first connected account.
* If you try to connect Social media account that already used to the whitelist, the requirement will not be accomplished.
* Whitelist requirements are updated and refreshed automatically every 10 minutes, so if you withdraw from the Whitelist requirements, it will be cancelled and user will be removed from FCFS list.
* There will be a snapshot at the end of the Whitelist, and to receive DON, users have to remain on whitelist after 7 days after the event.
* Hodl NFTs: Currently includes 3 projects(Hellbound NFT, NOW. Drops NFT, DIA NFT). There will be 2nd promotion for LG Twins NFT holders.
* For users logging in from Japan, the DOSI Citizen whitelist event is currently unavailable.

* Precise reward schedule will be announced later.
New updates will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Thank you.

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