[Notice] Hellbound NFT 3rd Sales Round Announcement


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Hello from DOSI Team.

Sales of Hellbound NFT 1st and 2nd rounds have ended. Thank you all for your support.

According to the adjustment of the AMA and Hidden NFT airdrop schedules on the Hellbound NFT roadmap,
and the advancement of platform functions such as C2C transactions & crypto payments,
we would like to announce with the 3rd official sales round with additional roadmap information.

We will inform you about the updated 3rd round schedule & details very soon.

Hellbound NFT Sales Round 3

•  Price: $100
•  Amount: 2,000ea (Including 1 VIP rarity)

Go to the Hellbound NFT Store:

You can find the latest updates about Hellbound NFT sales on DOSI's Twitter feed as well. (
We will continue to do our best to provide the most user-friendly environment, so that users around the world can freely trade and hold NFTs.

Thank you.

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