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Hello from DOSI Team.

The DIA TV NFT store is opening on DOSI on September 28, featuring music artists MayTree, Chuther, and Napkins. You can buy DIA NFT collections using Naver Pay (in South Korea) or credit card (in other countries except for the United States, Europe, Thailand, and Japan), with different payment methods available depending on the country.
DIA NFTs include holder-exclusive benefits, including an exclusive online concert for holders (if all NFTs sell out), a lucky draw for 10 signed CDs by each artist, and a lucky draw prize featuring a chance at a TikTok duet. The faster you are, the more reasonable the price will be, and you can get a lucky music artist NFT on DOSI.

Please check below for more information.
√ Limited amount of early-bird A Type NFTs (50 NFTs)
√ Exclusive online concert for holders (if all NFTs sell out)
√ Lucky draw for 10 signed CDs by each artist
√ Lucky draw prize for a chance at a TikTok duet
√ The winner gets the chance to upload the TikTok duet content on social media 

*The benefits are subject to change according to the policy of DIA TV

- Date: Sept. 28 ~ Oct. 15 (3 sale rounds will be held)
- What: DIA NFTs
- Price: Starting from US$50
  * Different sales periods & prices per round
  * Two types (early bird A Type & regular B Type) for each artist; MayTree, Chuther, Napkins
  * Total of 350 NFTs will be sold during the sales period
  * Precise sales rounds will be announced later
  * Users in Japan currently unable to purchase NFTs from the DOSI Store. We will support the purchase as soon as possible.

Go to the DIA NFT Store:

You can find more specifics and the latest updates about DIA NFT sales on DOSI's Twitter feed ( We will continue to do our best to provide the most user-friendly environment, so that users around the world can freely trade and hold NFTs.

Thank you.

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