[Notice] Introduction of Stripe Payment in DOSI Store


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Hello from DOSI Team.

Starting from November 1st, DOSI will introduce Stripe Payment, providing you with more payment methods to purchase items in DOSI Store.

Check out the user guide related to Stripe Payment below and enjoy purchasing items with the various payment methods in DOSI Store.


- Service Name: Stripe*
- Supported Payment Methods: Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, link* for Quick Credit Card Payment
- Payment Supported Service: 1st Sale items in DOSI Store

*Payment support policies may change in the future
*The stores that currently accept payments via Stripe are DOSI Citizen and GAME DOSI's SWEET MONSTER GUARDIANS stores, and additional stores may be added in the future.
*Stripe Payment service in DOSI Store will be provided depending on the items sold in the 1st Sale in the future. Please check the item sales page later for Stripe Payment availability and details.

*What is Stripe Payment?
Stripe Payment is a new payment method that supports USD payments in DOSI Store, and supports USD payments in various countries around the world.

*What is 'link' for Quick Credit Card Payment?
In Stripe Payment, 'link' is a feature that allows you to store credit card payment information. You can choose whether to use 'link' on the Stripe payment screen. By agreeing to the 'link' service terms and registering your credit card payment information, you can save and use this information for future transactions.

- All payment services, credit card processing and money transmissions are provided and handled by Stripe.
- Stripe Payment services and Apple Pay and Google Pay in Stripe may not be available depending on the user's location and environment.
- Due to varying country-specific regulations for each item, credit card payments may be restricted in some countries including South Korea and the United States.
- Payments are not available in countries restricted by the DOSI Wallet policy. Please refer to the DOSI Wallet Terms of Service for detailed restricted countries.

Thank you.

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