[Event] Details for DOSI Adventure Week 53 Event


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Hello from DOSI Team.

The week 53 event of DOSI Adventure just started.
Please check the NFT Prizes prepared for Week 53 participants of DOSI Adventure, go on an adventure to find the treasures prepared for DOSI Citizen!

Details for DOSI Adventure Week 53 Event

• Date of Event
2023.10.05 00:00 (UTC) ~ 2023.10.11 23:59 (UTC)

Participation will be through LUP as part of the DOSI Citizen ecosystem improvement, and the random prizes for DOSI Citizen will be resumed.

> See more details about DON to LUP Conversion and DOSI Adventure Participation Guide

Subsequently, the random prize quantity of DOSI Citizen Lv1 NFTs for DOSI Adventure will be set at a level that does not negatively impact ecosystem activity, in proportion to the LUP used in the previous week's DOSI Adventure.
In addition, rewards based on individual participation counts in the DOSI Adventure event for DOSI Citizen Lv1 NFTs and the NFT prize draw based on the total cumulative participation count of Adventure in the 53rd week will continue to be operated in the same way as before.

• Raffle Prize
✔︎ NFT prizes will be awarded according to the achievement of the conditions for the cumulative number of participations in the Adventure for each week.
✔︎ You can participate up to 12 times per week, so try to achieve the cumulative number of participations by participating in many events!
✔︎ Please check the details of the cumulative number of participations, NFT prizes, and the number of winners below.

(Total) Participation completed Week 53

NFT Raffle Prize

The number of Winners

From 500 participations

Outlaw Miya


From 300 participations

DOSI Citizen Lv1 NFT


* The DOSI Citizen Lv1 NFT prizes for random selection will be set as 700, which is 5% of the participations in DOSI Adventure Week 52 as of 2023.10.04.
* Outlaw Miya NFT prize winners must have a KLAY wallet and submit the necessary information in order to receive the NFT.
* For the use and transaction of the winning NFT, please contact the operating channel of the NFT.

• LUP for participating
 1 LUP per entry (Max 12 times)

• Participation Limit
 Max 12 per week

• Rewards based on the number of DOSI Adventure participations
  Additional rewards are offered according to the number of individual participations for DOSI Adventure.
  ◦ Total of 3 times : 1 DOSI Citizen Lv1
  ◦ Total of 6 times : 2 DOSI Citizen Lv1 
  ◦ Total of 9 times : 3 DOSI Citizen Lv1
  ◦ Total of 12 times : 4 DOSI Citizen Lv1(1 DOSI Citizen Lv1 including special parts such as 3D Glasses)
    ▪︎ 3D glasses Citizen (*Total Supply: 10,000ea/Recent circulation: About 6,900ea)

* The reward airdrop date according to the number of individual DOSI Adventure participations is the same as the DOSI Adventure raffle prize airdrop date for each week.
* The DOSI Citizen Lv1 given out based on the number of individual partipations will be airdropped among the DOSI Citizens that has been randomly generated with 8 different parts.

• Date of Announcement for Winners
2023.10.19 10:00 (UTC)

• Announcement Channel for Winners
Notice of DOSI Citizen

*Details regarding winners, prizes, etc. are announced through the DOSI Citizen Notice, so you must check the DOSI Citizen Notice, and users are deemed to have agreed to the contents of the Notice by participating in DOSI Adventure event.

Go to the DOSI Adventure for joining:
*For users logging in from some countries, the DOSI Citizen services are currently unavailable.

New updates will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Thank you.

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