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Hello from DOSI team.

In celebration of the partnership with SOOBAK, an art group that presents challenging projects in the NFT, character, 3D and metaverse space, announced in the previous month through media press and social media, we are holding a Polygon-based "SUKJAI NFT by Amazing Thailand" NFT airdrop event for DOSI Citizen holders. 


"SUKJAI NFT" is a Smart-Travel project jointly launched by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and SOOBAK. Travelers visiting Thailand who possess this NFT can receive various benefits through QR codes in the "Travelet" app across categories such as food, transportation, entertainment, hotels, shopping, and activities.

SUKJAI, the mascot of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, embodies the meaning of "happiness" in Thai. In celebration of the 2023 Korea-Thailand Mutual Visit Year, SUKJAI offers a range of benefits to those visiting Thailand, from iconic landmarks like Icon Siam, Central World, Terminal 21, and Mahanakhon to hotels, spas, fine dining, and car rentals. These benefits of SUKJAI NFT can be accessed through the Travelet app, which also serves as a platform to manage the NFT. Check out the link below for more information on the various perks and updates related to SUKJAI NFT by Amazing Thailand!

SUKJAI By Amazing Thailand Website 
Android App Download
iOS App Download

Event Participants

This event is targeted towards users who hold DOSI Citizen Lv2, 3, 4 and we will be distributing whitelists of the SUKJAI NFT based on the details provided below. Please refer to the specific details for each Citizen level below.
*Whitelist refers to the privilege of having 'priority purchase rights' for NFTs (Please note that SUKJAI NFT will be airdropped to the participants free of cost)

• For all Citizen Lv4 holders - whitelist registration (3ea)
• For all Citizen Lv3 holders - whitelist registration (1ea)
• Random selection of 300 holders with Citizen Lv2 - whitelist registration (1ea) 
* Users with 3 or more SUKJAI NFTs will be eligible for special benefits within the Travelet app.

How to Participate

1. Access SOOBAK's Gleam event link
2. Complete the missions (download the Travelet app, submit Travelet & DOSI Wallet addresses, follow social channels, etc.)
Please make sure to submit the correct DOSI Wallet address and Travelet (Polygon-based) wallet address. 

Event Schedule

• Event Period: September 4, 2023 03:00 (UTC) - September 7, 2023 03:00 (UTC)
• Snapshot Date: September 7, 2023 04:00 (UTC)
• Winner Announcement: September 11, 2023 06:00 (UTC) To be announced on DOSI Citizen notice page
• Whitelist Registration Date: Whitelist registration to start at September 12, 2023 05:00 (UTC)
• How to claim airdrop
  1. Download the 'Travelet' app from the Google Play or Apple store (if you have trouble in searching for the app please refer to Android & iOS download link)
  2. Select the options for a fast log-in within the Travelet app
  3. Select the inventory box and receive
  * Airdrop claims will be available after September 12, 2023 05:00 (UTC). 
• Benefit available period: Benefit expiration date varies by service (Please individually confirm the benefits as they may differ from September 30, 2023 to November 30, 2023)


• The SUKJAI NFT is a Polygon-based NFT and is not a Finschia mainnet based NFT. Therefore, it is not available for secondary sale in the DOSI Marketplace. This NFT will be airdropped to a Polygon-based wallet to SOOBAK's Travelet app and will be available for trades in Opensea.
• The airdrop for this event will be conducted through the SOOBAK's Travelet app, and LINE NEXT Inc. does not provide any warranty or representation for the SUKJAI NFT or this event, nor assumes any responsbility for any damages arising from this NFT and/or this event. 
• NFTs listed for sale on the C2C Marketplace at the snapshot point will not be included in the event mission condition count.
• Snapshot will take place based on the highest Citizen level without any duplicates for Citizen levels you own.
• This event is targeted for users who enter valid DOSI Wallet addresses and required information within the specified period. Users with non-matching conditions and submission materials may be excluded from the reward distribution process.
• Participants who violate the DOSI Citizen Terms of Service will be excluded from receiving rewards. Your cooperation is highly appreciated to ensure a fair event process.
• Detailed information about the benefits of SUKJAI NFT can be found on the SUKJAI NFT by Amazing Thailand website. For additional inquiries please visit the TORIX Discord channel ("#event-chat" under SUKJAI NFTs by Amazing Thailand menu) 
• The above schedule is subject to change depending on the company's circumstances and will be notified separately when it changes.

Thank you

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