[Event]DOSI Citizen Landing Boost-up Global Event Extended Announcement


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Hello from DOSI Team.

Thanks to the participation and support of many global users, we are pleased to announce that the DOSI Citizen Landing Boost-up global event,
originally scheduled from July 24th to August 11th, has been extended until August 25th.
This is great chance to get various prizes such as Citizen Lv1 NFTs, DON tokens, Blue-chip NFTs, Level Up Passes (LUP), and FINSCHIA.
With the extension, we plan to reward additional DON to more winners among participants of 'Mission 1'(Link :
Furthermore, we are preparing an opportunity for acquiring additional Citizens through a separate influencer channel. Please stay tuned for updates on the DOSI Twitter channel.

You can check and participate in this event through links provided on DOSI Twitter, DOSI Discord, and similar platforms.
Completing the event missions can be done by submitting the final Google Form.

We sincerely appreciate your active participation, and please take note of the revised schedule and winner announcement details below.

DOSI Citizen Landing Boost-up Event 

• Event Schedule : 7/24, 10:00 (UTC) ~ 8/11 08:00 (UTC), 2023 8/25 08:00(UTC)
• How to Participate : 


How to Participate

(per DOSI Wallet)

<Mission 1>
DOSI Zealy 

1)Visit DOSI Discord Zealy Link ( Questboard
2)Achieve the required 3quest below and obtain a Discord Role “Zealy Land Pass"
  -Sign-up for DOSI Wallet
  -Follow DOSI on Twitter
  - DOSI Discord Join 
3)After acheiving the role, Within the discord channel "#Zealy-Land-Event", hand in required informations through google form URL (
4)Submit your DOSI Wallet address & ETH Wallet address in provided google form
  • Bluechip NFT [Meebit #19766] - 1ea
  • Bluechip NFT [Meebit #6156] - 1ea
  • DON
    500,000 DON - 1ea

    400,000 DON - 1ea

    300,000 DON - 1ea

    200,000 DON - 1ea

    100,000 DON - 1ea
<Mission 2>
DOSI Twitter Mission
1)Visit DOSI Twitter and Check event Feed
2)Complete Retweet, Like, Tag 3 friends
3)Winners will be notified by DM with google form URL later on.
  • Level up Pass - 30ea 
<Mission 3>
DOSI Land New participation Mission

1)Complete above Mission 1 & 2

2)There are 2 rounds for <Mission 3> and only DOSI Land participation in event period(7/24~8/11)will counts for this mission (Round 1&2 Prize are different)

[Mission 3 - Round 1]
1)Participation in DOSI Land in event period (7/24~8/11)

2)Submit your DOSI Wallet address & Wallet Capture through google form URL (

[Mission 3 - Round 2]
1)Upload DOSI Land participation verification Twitter content & Tag the official DOSI Twitter(@DOSI_official ) account with Hashtag #DOSI #DOSILand #FNSA #NFTraffle)
3)Submit the URL & Capture of the Land participation verification through (
*Please mask the personal information included in the capture.

Round  1
Select a winner from all users who participated in Round 1

  • DOSI Citizen Lv1 NFT - 20ea
  • Level-up Pass - 50ea

Round  2
Winners will be selected from users who completed both Round 1 and 2.

  • Bluechip NFT [Doodles #5949] - 1ea 
  • FNSA
    20 FNSA - 1ea
    15 FNSA - 3ea
    10 FNSA - 7ea
    1 FNSA - 20ea

• Event Winner Announcement : 8/21, 2023 9/1, 2023
• Event Winner Announcement Channel : DOSI Home & DOSI Citizen Notice 

DOSI Citizen Landing Boost-up Event FAQ

Q. Can I get a prize if I only participate in Mission 1? If I participate in multiple missions, can I win multiple times?
A. Yes, you can receive a prize for Mission 1 even though you have only participated in Mission 1. Also, we are planning to select a prize winner for each mission, so you can win every missions individually.

Q. Can existing DOSI Land users participate? Is it only for new users?
A. The event is for eligible for existing DOSI Land users as well as all new users.

Q. How many times should I submit Google Form in total?
A. Mission 2 requires only winners to submit Google Forms, and Mission 1 and 3 must submit Google Forms respectively.

Q. When is the prize Airdrop?
A. The all Airdrop will be announced on winner announcement on September 1st.

• Notes
* <DOSI Citizen Landing Boost-up Event> can be participated once per DOSI Wallet address, and maximum 3 missions can be participated.
* It is conducted for participating users who have completed writing valid addresses and submitting Google Forms with accurate information, and duplicate participation is not eligible for the event.
* If you do not complete the submission of the Google Form within the period posted in the notice, they will be excluded from winner selecting process. so please complete the Google Form within the period.
* If the conditions of the event and the submission do not match, they will be excluded from the winner selecting process.
* For users logging in from Japan, event participation is currently unavailable.
* The above schedule is subject to change depending on the company's circumstances and will be notified separately when it changes.

Please find more information on DOSI social Channels

*twitter :
*Discord :

Looking forward to your participations.

Thank you

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