[Notice] KONDOR's Alien V NFT store opening and sales schedule announcement


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Hello from DOSI Team

The DOSI Alien V Store is scheduled to open on the June 26th. Come and explore the original NFT artworks by the master of Korean animation, Director Kim Cheong-gi!
From July 10th to July 14th, 2023, we will be conducting the sale of Alien V NFTs at the DOSI Alien V Store.
The sale will consist of both a competitive whitelist sale and a public sale. Please refer to the schedule below for more details.
* Whitelist refers to the privilege of having 'priority purchase rights' for NFTs.

What is Alien V NFT?

Alien V NFT is a world-original NFT artwork by renowned Korean animation director Kim Cheong-gi, known for his iconic works such as Taekwon V, Thunderbird(Ureumae), General TTOL-E, and Gold Wing.
As a master of Korean animation, Kim Cheong-gi will showcase his unique worldview through DOSI by presenting 1,000 exclusive original artworks. Each buyer will receive a personally signed print of Kim Cheong-gi's original artwork - A private design that serves as the foundation for the NFT artwork, which will be delivered to residents of South Korea. Additionally, hidden NFTs will be dropped for international users in the future.
* Hand-signed original artwork (print): Limited to residents of South Korea, further details will be announced.
* Hidden NFTs: Limited to users from countries outside of Korea, further details will be announced.

Alien V NFT Benefits

⎷ Exclusive benefits* for holders participating in Kim Cheong-gi's unique worldview
⎷ Offering Hand-signed original artwork (print) or hidden NFTs by Kim Cheong-gi
⎷ Benefits** associated with the expansion of the Alien V ecosystem
⎷ Planned AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Kim Cheong-gi
⎷ Distributing FNSA tokens equivalent to 11% of the sales value, divided among the holders of the top 5 planets in terms of quantity
⎷ Providing Kim Cheong-gi's directly drawn and signed artwork*** to the holder with the highest quantity

* Invitation to meetups based on NFT holdings quantity. Detailed benefits will be disclosed at a later date.
** Whitelist for the masterpieces' NFTs created by renowned artists, to be conducted by KONDOR Inc. in the future. Detailed benefits will be announced at a later date.
*** Different artwork and signatures from the hand-signed original artwork (print) are presented to all buyers.

Competitive Whitelist Sale

• Schedule: July 10, 2023, 02:00 to 15:00 (UTC)
• Target: DOSI Citizen Lv3, Lv4 NFT, or Hellbound NFT holders (as of June 23, 08:00 UTC)
• Quantity for sale: 250 ea
• Maximum purchase quantity: Up to 2 per person
• Price: 30 USD (Available for payment in FNSA, ETH, and Naver Pay)
* NFTs on display at snapshot time C2C will be excluded from holding NFTs.

Public Sale

• Schedule: July 11, 2023, 05:00 to July 14, 2023, 06:00 (UTC)
• Target: All DOSI Wallet users
• Quantity for sale: Total of 700 pieces
• Maximum purchase quantity: No limit
• Price: 40 USD (Available for payment in FNSA, ETH, and Naver Pay)


* Payment methods may vary depending on the country, and they are not available in some countries.
* For the collection of personal information regarding the delivery of personally signed prints, KONDOR will conduct a separate process through a Google Form.
* This NFT is a non-refundable NFT Collection in accordance with KONDOR Inc.' refund policy.
* After the conclusion of the public sale, the C2C marketplace is scheduled to open on July 14th, starting from 06:01(UTC).
* The above schedule and contents may change depending on the company's circumstances, and if there is a change, we will inform you through the notice.
* For Alien V NFTs, LINE NEXT Inc., as a mail order broker, is not a party to the transaction and does not provide any guarantee or representation for any product information registered by the seller, refund, or transaction. * Therefore, buyers must take responsibility for their purchase decisions.
* For more information on NFT payments and purchases, please refer to the DOSI Store Pre-purchase Guidelines and Refund Policy.

Thank you.

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