[Notice] DOSI Has Been Appointed as a Service Contributor to the Finschia


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Hello from DOSI Team.

We are excited to announce that DOSI has been appointed as a service contributor to the Finschia.
Finschia Foundation announced this final selection news today.

The definition of Service Contribution Reward(SCR) in the Finschia token economy is rewards paid to on-chain payments and transactions in return for their direct contribution to enhancing the value of the Finschia ecosystem. With this selection, DOSI will be one of Finschia's key partners, contributing to the expansion and virtuous cycle of the Finschia ecosystem.

- Background of Participation

LINE NEXT Inc. currently operates DOSI, a global NFT platform based on the Finschia network.
Since the beta release in September 2022, it has accumulated 5 million DOSI Wallet users to date, and DOSI has grown to be Asia's No. 1 and Global No. 2* NFT platform based on the monthly number of traders.

In addition, since launching the LN payment function in January, it has achieved a cumulative LN payment size of more than 250,000LN.
Compared to ETH payments, it is growing 30% per month, and more than 90% of transactions are currently made with LN payments within DOSI.

* Based on the number of monthly traders by comparing internal data with NFTGo statistics (2023 May)

- Future Contribution Plan

DOSI will continue to focus on strategies to expand payments and usage of the Finschia ecosystem and maximize LN-based payments and demand.
In the case of the Finschia Service Contribution Reward that DOSI will receive, we will not only use them as prizes for DOSI Land but also create a virtuous cycle of compensation centered on users who have made LN payments and contributed to the Finschia token economy. We also plan to add additional benefits if users contribute to the Finschia ecosystem through LN staking.
Through the expansion of service exposure in various countries and partnerships with large projects, DOSI will contribute to the expansion of the Finschia ecosystem through DOSI so that users who do not have experiences of LN also own and use LN.
Stay tuned for the strong partnership between DOSI and Finschia.

Thank you,

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