[Notice] Announcement on security precautions for using DOSI


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Hello from DOSI Team.

We would like to inform to ensure smooth DOSI service usage and protect user privacy

DOSI will never request personal information for purposes other than identity verification or user requests, and it will not ask for personal information to be entered through other apps or websites.
If you receive emails or messages impersonating DOSI, please delete them immediately, and never click on unfamiliar links.

The official email addresses and URLs for DOSI are as follows
• For information provision: /
• For marketing: /

Providing personal information through email addresses or websites outside of above domains or clicking on URLs with unclear sources can lead to phishing or other risks.
Therefore, please carefully check the email domain and URL of the received messages, and if you have clicked on an URL with an unclear source, take measures such as resetting personal information and enabling two-factor authentication to strengthen your personal information security.

Please be particularly cautious in the following suspicious situations
* If you received an emails with an address similar to DOSI email address
* If you are prompted to visit a spoofed website that requests personal information.

If you encounter such suspicious situations, please contact DOSI through the official inquiry channel (

Thank you

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