[Notice] Sunmiya Club NFT Airdrop Event Result Announcement for Favor Alliance Citizen NFT Holders


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Hello from DOSI Team. 

We are announcing the winners of the Sunmiya Club NFT Airdrop event. Please check the below table for the event results and hand-in the Google form to receive the final prize. (Only for below listed winners)

 Airdrop Event Detail

• Airdrop Target
 Winners of DOSI users who own 3 or more Favor Alliance Citizens 

• Airdrop Detail
 5 Sunmiya Club NFTs

• Snapshot Date
 May 2nd, 2023, 06:00 (UTC)

• Airdrop Event Winners

DOSI Wallet Address of Winners






How to receive the Sunmiya Club NFT? 

• To receive the Sunmiya NFT, please authenticate the DOSI Wallet information and fill out the KLAY Wallet address (
*submission deadline: May 12th at 03:00 (UTC). 
• The prize NFTs will only be given out to the winners mentioned above and, as such, please respond to the Google Form only if you are the winners mentioned above.
• If the Google Form is not completed within the date mentioned in DOSI Citizen notice, the NFT may not be transferred to you.

• Airdrop Date
 May 18th, 2023

• Notes
* The required information in the Google form must be filled out accurately. Sunmiya NFT will only be delivered when the correct information is filled out and when the Google form is submitted.
* Users who win the event NFT are fully responsible for the use, collection, and storage of the NFT, including profit and loss, taxes, and expenses.
* The Winner is responsible for filing and paying taxes related to the prize NFT. 
* If you do not complete the Wallet Address submission by the deadline, the winning could be canceled.
* Airdrop date is subject to change and if it changes, it will be notified separately.
* Users who violate the DOSI Citizen Terms of Service are not eligible to receive the event NFT. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you. 

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