[Notice] Regarding Abusing Users and Economy Improvement (3)


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Hello from DOSI Team.

DOSI team puts the sustainable ecosystem centered around contributors as the top priority.
As previously announced, we are strengthening measures to sanction abusive users within the DOSI service and preparing for Phase 2 of Citizen Distribution to move towards an ecosystem centered around contributors. We would like to provide an update on the progress so far.

1. Sanctions for suspected abusers among existing members
1) Blocking users suspected of abuse based on transaction patterns (in progress)
Since the introduction of the City Badge system, we have been monitoring transaction patterns and blocking users suspected of abuse to eliminate damage to actual contributors.
Currently, thousands of users have been blocked as suspicious accounts, and about 60% of them have been blocked without being able to make sales. So far, there have been no users who have been restored after verification, and we plan to continue with strengthened conditions.

2) Blocking a large number of suspected accounts based on signup patterns (scheduled)
In order to take preemptive measures, we plan to block a large number of abusive users based on their signup patterns. To this end, we have completed a full investigation of 92,000 Lv1 Citizens who are eligible for trading and who own a total of 180,000 Citizens. Among the 92,000 Lv1 Citizens who are eligible for trading, the remaining user group (A) after excluding 1) users who are scheduled to be blocked, 2) actual contributors group (evaluated by more than 10 items, such as participation in B2C purchases, etc.), and 3) withdrawn/dormant accounts, is approximately 33,000 users. These users own approximately 46,000 Lv1 Citizens. There are 1.9 million users in Group A who are not suspected abusers, but are analyzed as possible abusers in Group B. This group of users holds 20.6 million Citizen Lv1s. Additional investigation will be conducted for the user group (B), and if necessary, preemptive measures will be taken. In the future, if they make abusive transactions in the future, one more strengthened transaction pattern-based block will be executed.

2. Strengthening the system for new members and Citizen Distribution Phase 2
We have completed the deployment of three new systems to strengthen detection at the signup/SMS stage since last week. At the same time, we are preparing for Citizen Distribution Phase 2 for more fundamental improvement.
The new distribution policy is being reviewed, including 1) significantly improving adventure weight and logic, 2) strengthening arcade advertisements and rewards, and 3) enhancing rewards for actual transaction contributors. We plan to finalize the detailed policy design as the top priority, and we will announce it as soon as possible.

We will continue to make efforts to create a sustainable ecosystem centered around contributors. Thank you for your continued support.

Thank you

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