[Notice] Guide to the clarification/review process for sanctions on suspicious abusing accounts


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Hello from DOSI Team.

We ask for your understanding that temporary measures may be taken on some accounts due to strong and extensive on users suspected of abusing, in order to maintain a healthy DOSI ecosystem

If your account has been affected by thes measures, please apply for clarification through the following route:

Inquiry > iPhone/Android/PC > DOSI Wallet > Account > Other problems
* Please write “Normail Account Clarification” when you write in “What are the details of your inquiry?" to receive faster guidance

When you apply for clarification, we may request additional documents individually to determine whether the account is normal or abusive.
If you submit the additional documents, we will conduct an investigation and review and provide separate guidance.

We understand that this process may cause some difficulties in using our service, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation for the sake of a healthy and sustainable DOSI ecosystem.

Thank you

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