[Notice} Regarding Abusing Users and Economy Improvement (2)


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Hello from DOSI Team.

DOSI team prioritizes a contributor-centered and sustainable ecosystem.
We have detected abnormal transactions by abusive users on the Citizen Marketplace and will start urgent sanctions against suspicious accounts from today onwards.

In the future, we have strict plans to manage both transactions through abuse and the use of quantities obtained through abuse to participate in adventures or upcoming services to be released.
Furthermore, we plan to clearly establish a contributor-centered economy through Citizen Distribution Phase 2, which is currently being prepared.

[Short-term response]

1. Sanctions against suspicious users who abuse the platform

We have thoroughly investigated all transactions, including those reported by the community, and will impose sanctions on accounts suspected of being abusive users from today onwards.
If an account is subject to sanction measures as a suspicious user, 1) the transaction function will be immediately suspended, and 2) all NFT listings for sale will be canceled.
The sanctioned account will be notified of a separate explanation/verification process.

* We will begin urgent sanctions from today onwards, based on the revised criteria, and plan to continue them.
* If an account passes the strict verification process after the sanction measures, it will be released from the sanction.

2. Suspension of Citizen Distribution through Adventure

Citizen NFT Lv.1 Traveler Distribution through DOSI Adventure will be suspended while monitoring and imposing sanctions against abusive users.
However, users who participate in Adventure more than 40 times will be considered verified contributors and can continue to use and receive rewards as before.
* Detailed information will be provided in the 31st week DOSI adventure announcement.

[Follow-up response]

1. Structural improvement of Citizen Distribution

We plan to establish a new policy package that includes the “distribution channels, methods, conditions, and quantities for Citizen Lv1” with the goal of “contributor-centered economics and structural improvement of distribution.
”We are currently discussing this issue as a top priority and will continue to share progress with the community from early next month.

2. Improvement of Badge and Adventure systems

We plan to improve the participation and transaction conditions for Adventure, which is currently designed for new users, in addition to improving the Citizen Distribution method.
DOSI team will be committed to establishing a strictly contributor-centric and sustainable ecosystem.
We do not tolerate any type of abuse that hinders this effort, and abusive users will face the highest level of response, including account sanctions.

We also need a lot of help from the community.
We ask for your continuous participation and diverse opinions to create a better ecosystem.

Thank you

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