[Notice] Regarding Abusing Users and Economy Improvement


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Hello from DOSI Team.

We would like to provide guidance on our response to abusive users and our future direction for improving the DOSI economy.

DOSI prioritizes a sustainable ecosystem, and does not allow any type of abuse that undermines it.
Our goal is to eliminate abusive users with the highest level of response, including account sanctions, to eradicate any abusive patterns.

Since January, DOSI has been proactively responding to block abusive users, and has removed abusive patterns through more than seven major system patches.
Moving forward, we plan to undertake a structural reorganization of the citizen economy beyond the elimination of abuse.

First, we will provide guidance on our team's objectives, response history, status, and direction regarding our previous response to abuse.

[Previous Objectives]

Identification of wallet creation and DOSI Adventure service usage through BOT as abuse.

1) Blocking of the source of abusive user registration.

2) Non-payment of rewards and imposition of transaction bans for any users detected abusing the service.

[Previous Action History] (~2023.04.27)

1) Introduction of a reCAPTCHA system at registration.
2) Implementation of a process for disabling suspicious account transactions through FDS monitoring.
3) Exclusion of suspicious users from rewards for Adventure winners.
4) Redesign of DON earnings per level and improvement of Adventure distribution.
5) Introduction of the City Badge system.

[Additional Action Plan] (2023.04.28~)

1) Introduction of additional reCAPTCHA system for SMS authentication - confirmed.
2) Introduction of a blocking system for failed SMS authentication (blacklisted country weighting) - confirmed.
3) Strengthening of SMS solution and authentication method - (Working in Progress)

Through actions taken until April 27th, most new registrations through BOT have been eliminated, resulting in a significant change in the ranking of country-specific registration rates.
Additionally, Adventure distribution has decreased by approximately 50% compared to before, and listing quantities have decreased by around 20%.
We expect that after additional measures are implemented, abuse caused by BOTs will approach zero. We plan to prioritize the enhancement of the FDS system and necessary actions moving forward.

The DOSI team has recently recognized the need for structural economic improvements beyond simply eliminating abusive users, as the ecosystem of citizen NFT traders has rapidly grown to become the third largest in the world and the largest in Asia.
If there are elements that undermine the benefits and enjoyment of actual contributors, improvements are necessary, not just for bots or abusive users.

As a global platform with about 5 million participants from various countries with different exchange rates and population sizes, a new model is needed to grow into an ecosystem centered around actual contributors.

Therefore, with the goal of "contributor-centered economic and structural improvements," we plan to establish a new policy package through comprehensive reviews, including the "distribution channel, method, conditions, and quantity of Citizen Lv1.
" We are currently preparing for this matter as a top priority and will continuously share progress updates with the community from early next month.

DOSI always prioritizes the growth of citizen economy and the concurrent growth with the community.
While achieving the goal of popularizing NFTs, we will make every effort to create a strictly contributor-centered ecosystem in the future.

We ask for the continued participation and support of the community.

Thank you.

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