[Notice] DOSI Citizen Terms of Service Changes


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Hello from DOSI Team.

Please be informed that Terms of Service (the "Terms") of DOSI Citizen have been amended as of April 14, 2023 to add to Important Notice regarding using third party services.

[DOSI Citizen Terms of Service Changes]

As-Is To-Be
Not included 2. Important Notice
(vi) You acknowledge and agree that the Company is not under any circumstances liable for any losses that you may incur or suffer in connection with your access to or use of any content or service contained in this Service that is offered or operated by a third party. Please note that the applicable third party is fully responsible for all content and services it offers or operates. YOU HEREBY WAIVE AND RELEASE THE COMPANY FROM LIABILITY FOR ANY DAMAGES, CLAIMS, LIABILITIES OR COSTS ARISING DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY FROM YOUR ACCESS OR USE OF SUCH THIRD PARTY CONTENT OR SERVICES.

DOSI Citizen Terms of Service :

[DOSI Citizen 이용약관 변경 내용]

현행약관 개정약관
내용없음 2. 중요 사항 고지
(vi) 본 서비스에 제공되는 외부 서비스를 이용함으로써 귀하가 직접 또는 간접적으로 입은 모든 손해(물적, 인적, 금전적 등)에 대해서는 회사는 어떠한 책임도 지지 않으며, 해당 서비스를 제공한 업체가 모든 책임을 집니다. 이에 따라 귀하가 이용한 해당 서비스와 관련하여 발생하는 모든 분쟁 및 손해에 대해 회사는 면책됩니다.

DOSI Citizen 서비스 이용 약관 전문 :

If you continue to use the DOSI Citizen Service, you will be deemed to have accepted the amended Terms. If you do not agree to the amendments, please immediately cease the use of the Services.

Thank you.

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