[Notice] DOSI Citizen X BeerGang Whitelist Event announcement


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Hello from DOSI Team.

For DOSI Citizen Lv2, Lv3, and Lv4 NFT holders, DOSI will hold a whitelist event for the upcoming BeerGang NFT project.
The event rewards (Fixed whitelisting or Competition whitelisting) will be depending on the level of Citizen you have, so please check the details below. 

What is BeerGang NFT Project ? 

BeerGang is a unique collection of 6,666 NFT avatars made of four races based on the in-house homebrew algorithm of developer GoodGang Labs with the motif of "beer." If you own BeerGang NFT, you will receive a variety of special membership benefits as a holder.
One of the benefits is access to the 3D metaverse community that GoodGang Lab will release in the future. GangHouse, a 3D metaverse space with the concept of a pub, will be a platform where you can communicate with diverse users with common interests and experience the future ahead.
In addition, the project is preparing benefits such as exclusive NFT airdrops only available in GangHouse, special benefits according to NFT Rarity, private parties for holders, and opportunities to participate in additional whitelist events, etc., so please look forward to it!

What is GoodGang Labs?

GoodGang Labs, which created BeerGang NFT, is a startup founded by a team of industry experts from Facebook, LINE, SNOW, and Y-Combinator, and is developing avatar communication platforms with avatar expression technologies based on AI.

Event Details

• Event Target 
  Citizen Lv2, Citizen Lv3, Citizen Lv4 NFT holder by Snapshot

• How to participate
  Automatic participation for Citizen Lv2, Citizen Lv3, and Citizen Lv4 NFT holders

Reward & Details
  1) Lv4: One fixed whitelisting per holder (Maximum number of purchases available: 1ea)
  2) Lv3: 100 people are selected by raffle, and one confirmed whitelist is provided per holder(Maximum number of purchases available: 1ea)
  3) Lv2, Lv3, Lv4: Competition Whitelisting(Maximum number of purchases available: 3ea, Apart from the limit  of 1), 2) purchases availability, Maximum number of 3)purchases availability is 3ea)

Snapshot schedule
  2023.03.24 09:00 (UTC)

Winner announcement
  2023.03.29 09:00 (UTC)

Winner announcing Channel
  Announcing DOSI Wallet address via DOSI Home Notice, DOSI Citizen Notice 

  ◦ C2C-listed NFTs on snapshot time is excluded from the event participation
  ◦ Duplicate support and accounts suspected of multiple accounts may be excluded from the event without notice
  ◦ You cannot participate in other BeerGang whitelist events held on other channels in duplicate
  ◦ The above schedule and content are subject to change depending on the company's circumstances and will be notified separately when it changes.

BeerGang Sales Schedule

Please note that BeerGang sales will be held for two days from April 5th (OG only) to April 6th, and sales that can participate in the given fixed whitelisting and competition whitelisting will be held on April 6th (Thursday).
Detailed updates are also available on DOSI Home.
* Payment methods may differ by users' countries.

• OG Sales
  ◦ Schedule: April 5, 2023, 09:00 - April 6, 05:00 (UTC)
  ◦ Target: OG members selected by GoodGang Labs
  * Please be aware of the above sales schedule is only for OG targets.

• Fixed Whitelisting Sales 
  ◦ Schedule: April 6, 2023, 09:00-10:00 (UTC)
  ◦ Target: All Citizen Lv4 NFT holders & 100 winners from Citizen Lv3 NFT holders
  ◦ Purchase limit: 1ea per DOSI Wallet
  ◦ Price: 89 USD (LN, ETH, Credit card payment available)

• Competition Whitelisting Sales
  Schedule: April 6, 2023, 11:00-12:00 (UTC)
  ◦ Target: Citizen Lv2, Lv3, Lv4 NFT holders
  ◦ Sales Quantity: will be noticed in the future 
  ◦ Purchase limit: 3ea per DOSI Wallet
  ◦ Price: 89 USD (LN, ETH, Credit card payment available)
  ◦ Unsold supplies will be transferred to the next round

• Public Sales
  ◦ Schedule: April 6, 2023, 13:00-14:00 (UTC)
  ◦ Target: DOSI Wallet users
  ◦ Sales Quantity: 100 ea
  ◦ Purchase limit: 3ea per DOSI Wallet
  ◦ Price: 99 USD (LN, ETH, Credit card payment available)
  ◦ unsold supplies will be burned

Thank you.

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