[Notice] Citizen X Favor Alliance Collaboration NFT Airdrop Winner announcement


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Hello from DOSI team. 

We are announcing the winners of the Favor Alliance Citizen airdrop event. Please check the below links for the results. 

[Favor Alliance Community Holders - Sunmiya Club, MIYAs In Planets, Happier Town]

• Link to results: 

[Lv.4 Citizen NFT, Lv.3 Citizen NFT holders] 
※ Additional rewards has been provided for DOSI Citizen high-level users as follows, so please refer to the event results.

• Lv.4 Citizen NFT holders : Airdrop 2 per a holder 
• Lv.3 Citizen NFT holders : Airdrop 1 per a holder, who owns two or more Lv.3 Citizen NFTs  (for holders owns Lv.3 Citizen NFT as highest level)
• Link to results:
* You can check the winners in the above LINK. The scheduled airdrop will be on March 10th. Winners will be able to check the NFT in their DOSI Wallet after the airdrop schedule.

We will also be updating the Sunmiya Club NFT airdrop event in the near future, so please stay tuned! 

Thank you. 

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