[Notice] DOSI Citizen X Pala Launchpad, Towner NFT Airdrop&Whitelist Event


*This event is held on the Pala Launchpad, not DOSI.

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Hello from DOSI team. 

We're announcing the airdrop event for the DOSI Citizen Lv3 and Lv4 NFT holders of Tower NFT, Pala's launchpad project.
Towner NFT is a membership-type NFT that allows you to connect in NFT town with special benefits.
It is limited to a total of 10,000 units, and 25 airdrops and 150 competition whitelisting* will be awarded as rewards through this event. (*Free of charge, gas fee not included)

Please check the details below, and look forward to your participation.

What is Pala?
: Pala Lunchpad is an NFT publishing platform and marketplace that supports NFT planning, issuance, and secondary transactions.

What is NFT town?
: NFT town is a town for NFT lovers, and those who are issued resident cards as a "Towner."

Event Details

Event Target: Citizen Lv3 NFT Holder and Citizen Lv4 NFT Holder by Snapshot
Reward & Details

  1) Towner NFT 25 airdrops (free)  
  2) Towner NFT Competition whitelisting 150 
Event schedule : 2023.03.09 ~ 2023.03.12 09:00 (UTC+9)
Snapshot schedule : 2023.03.12 09:00 (UTC+9)
How to participate
  1) Access DOSI crew3 questboard for mission accomplishment
  2) Achieve the following required missions in the Partners category and obtain XP
     - Pala Twitter: Follow
     - NFT town Twitter: Follow
  3) After missions are completed, hand in one of the below wallet address through the google form in Discord channel
     - Klip, Kaikas, MetaMask, Burrito Wallet
Winner announcement: 2023.03.14 01:00 (UTC)
Winner announcing Channel: Notice in DOSI Discord
(announced by Discord account ID submitted through Google Form)
Rewards detail & Winner selection standard
  1) 25 NFT airdrops: Among the Citizen Lv4 NFT holders who participated in the event, the top 25 people based on the number of Citizen Lv4 NFTs are selected as free airdrop winners first.
  2) 150 Competition whitelisting 
     a) Among the remaining Citizen Lv4 NFT holders who participated in events other than 1), Competition whitelisting winners are selected based on the quantity of Citizen Lv4 NFT held.
     b) Competition whitelisting draw to Citizen Lv3 NFT holder for remaining quantity excluding a) (regardless of quantity held)
• Notes
  ◦ C2C-listed NFTs on snapshot time is excluded from the event participation
  ◦ It is conducted for participating users who have completed writing valid addresses and submitting Google Forms with accurate information, and duplicate participation is not eligible for the event.
  ◦ If you do not complete the submission of Google Form within the period posted in the notice, compensation may not be paid, so please complete the Google Form within the period.
  ◦ If the conditions of the event and the submission do not match, they will be excluded from the winning compensation process.
  ◦ Using multiple accounts, intentionally repeated submission of Google forms, or abuse may be canceled for the event.
  ◦ Duplicate support and accounts suspected of multiple accounts may be excluded from the event without notice (wallet separation, etc.)
  ◦ This event is held on the Pala Launchpad. LINE NEXT Inc. and DOSI do not have any authority/responsibility for this event.
  ◦ You cannot participate in the same Town NFT event held on other channels in duplicate, and you can also participate in the Citizen event only once.
  ◦ The above schedule is subject to change depending on the company's circumstances and will be notified separately when it changes.

Towner NFT Airdrop & Sales information

Airdrop and Whitelisting pre-sale is scheduled for March 15th, and further updates are available on the Pala Launchpad.
  - Pala Launchpad: 
  - Supporting wallet: Clip, Kaikas, MetaMask, Bithumb Burrito Wallet

• Airdrop
  ◦ Schedule: March 15, 2023 (UTC+9)
  ◦ Target:  Airdrop Winners
  ◦ Quantity: 25 Airdrops
• 1st pre-sale (Competition whitelisting holder participation)
  ◦ Schedule: March 15, 2023, 11:00-12:00 (UTC)
  ◦ Target: Competition whitelisting  winners
  ◦ Quantity: 4,000 whitelisting (available for 5 per wallet, 5 per transaction)
  ◦ Price: Free (KLAY gas fee not included)

Thank you. 

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