[Notice] Citizen X Favor Alliance Collaboration NFT Airdrop


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Hello from DOSI Team.

Introducing the Favor Alliance Citizen, a member of the Sunmiya Club, MIYAs in Planets, Happier Town, which are the representative projects of the blockchain lab, Fingerlabs.
Before we officially showcase the collaboration NFT, as part of the Citizen membership benefits, we will be airdropping Favor Alliance Citizen NFTs to holders of Lv.3 Citizen NFT or higher. Please see the details below.

• Airdrop Target & Amount 
  ◦ Airdrop detail: 150 Favor Alliance Citizen NFTs
  ◦ Lv.4 Citizen NFT holders: 1 Favor Alliance NFT for all holders
  ◦ Lv.3 Citizen NFT holders: 1 Favor Alliance NFT to holders who have 2 or more (random selection) 

• Schedule

◦ Snapshot Date: 3/8 (Wed.) 04:00 (UTC)
◦ Airdrop Date: 3/10 (Wed.)

•Points to note

◦The Favor Alliance Citizen will be airdropped to all Lv.4 Citizen NFT holders and randomly select holders with 2 or more Lv.3 Citizen NFTs (for holders who have Lv.3 Citizen NFT as the highest level). 
◦ NFTs in the DOSI Citizen marketplace (C2C) will not count for this airdrop event.
◦ Participants who violate the DOSI Citizen Terms and Conditions are excluded from the promotion. Please cooperate with the fair event procedure.
◦ The airdrop schedule may change depending on the circumstances and we will inform you when it changes.

Please look forward to further Citizen collaborations in the future as well!

Thank you.

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