[Event] DOSI Discord OG Event 2 - AlphaCrewz Whitelist Special Mission


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Hello from DOSI Team. 

Only one day left until the end of the DOSI Discord OG 2nd event! We are holding a special event with AlphaCrewz.

During February 14th, just for one day, ACRZ: The Premium Membership WhiteList qualification will be given as a special reward through a raffle for Citizen Level 3 to Level 4 users who participate in the 2nd round of DOSI Discord OG event (The winners will be randomly selected)

Complete the missions below and don't miss your chance to become an AlphaCrewz whitelist!
Go to the event page:

Event Mission Period:  2023. 2. 14  03:00 ~ 2023. 2. 14  14:59 (UTC)
Required Mission Conditions:
  ◦ For users who have acquired the OG2 role among Citizen Level 3 to Level 4 users
  ◦ Crew3 three additional quests completed 
    ▪︎ Follow AlphaCrewz account on Twitter
    ▪︎ Enter the AlphaCrewz Discord Channel
    ▪︎ Follow AlphaCrewz Medium account & Read the Roadmap Article
• Reward 
  ◦ ACRZ: The Premium Membership WhiteList (NFT Purchase Priority) will be awarded to 30 users through a raffle
  ◦ Notice for Event
    ▪︎ It is a separate reward from the DOSI OG 2nd event reward.
    ▪︎ Winners must submit their DOSI Wallet address within the period specified in the Google form announced through a separate channel(#dosi-og2-acrz) in Discord.
    ▪︎ The event reward will be provided only to DOSI Wallet users, and winners must submit your DOSI Wallet address on the Google form for the reward.
    ▪︎ Winners who do not submit the Google form within the given period, will be excluded from the reward.
    ▪︎ The country where the whitelist event is held is for all countries provided by the DOSI service, and users from Japan are not allowed to participate in this event.
    ▪︎ Winners and reward schedule of the event will be announced separately.
  ◦ Notice for AlphaCrewz Whitelist
    ▪︎ The sale of 'ACRZ: The Premium Membership' does not guarantee a guaranteed purchase in a competitive whitelisting way. During the Pre-sale Round 1: Whitelist period, winners will be given the priority to purchase ACRZ: The Premium Membership.
    ▪︎ The Whitelist winners can purchase ACRZ: The Premium Membership at a discounted price compared to the public sale.
    ▪︎ Announcement of AlphaCrewz whitelist winners and related sales schedule will be announced in the near future.

We are looking forward to your support and participation.

Thank you.

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