[Notice] Citizen X Barranquilla Edition Announcement


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Hello from DOSI Team.

¡Hola! DOSI presents a new concept of Citizen from February 15 to 28, created in collaboration with renowned 3D art studio Monster Truck Ninja (MTN), to celebrate Barranquilla Festival, one of Latin America's largest festivals.
Prior to this, as part of the Citizen membership benefits, we will airdrop Citizen Baranquilla NFT to holders of Lv2. or higher Citizen NFTs. Refer below for more information.

• Schedule
  ◦ Snapshot Date: 2/14 (Tue.) 03:00 (UTC)
  ◦ Airdrop Date: 2/15 (Wed.) 03:00 (UTC)
• Airdrop Target 
  ◦ Citizen Lv2 : 1 Baranquilla NFT 
  ◦ Citizen Lv3 : 2 Baranquilla NFTs 
  ◦ Citizen Lv4 : 3 Baranquilla NFTs
• Points to note
  ◦ The level is calculated based on the highest level of citizens held by the user. (If you have both Lv2, Lv4, it is based on Lv4.)
  ◦ C2C entry NFTs are excluded from holding NFTs.

Additionally, if you have Barranquilla Citizen NFTs, you will receive extra DONs and a limited edition Carnival Dance NFT. Check out the various Barranquilla Editions in the Citizen Marketplace and get more benefits!

• Snapshot Date : May 31, 2023  00:00 (UTC) 
• Contents: Additional DON and limited edition "Carnival Dance NFT" will be provided to DOSI Wallet users who have more than a certain number of Barranquilla Citizen NFTs.
• Missions :
  1) If you have more than three Citizen Barranquilla Editions: 1,000 DON
  2) If you have more than 5 Citizen Barranquilla Editions: 3,000 DON + Limited Edition Carnival Dance Video NFT 
  3) If you have more than 5 Citizen Baranquilla Edition +  1 Halo Part OR 1 Golden Ear Part: 10,000 DON + Limited Edition Carnival Dance NFT payment 
  * 1, 2, 3) Duplicate compensation is not possible.
  *T he payment schedule will be announced separately.

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Please look forward to the various Citizen collaborations in the future!

Thank you.

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