[Notice] DOSI launched the LINE's digital asset LINK (LN) Payment(Beta)


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Hello from DOSI Team.

DOSI has launched the LN payment (Beta) for NFT transactions.
You can now trade NFTs using LINE’s digital asset LINK (LN) and earn more benefits than NAVER Pay, credit cards, and Ethereum.

Payment with LN (Beta) in DOSI Citizen's Marketplace only supports C2C transactions at the moment.
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• What is LINK(LN)?

LINK (LN) is a digital asset issued by LINE, the messenger company with 200 million global users.
It was officially listed in Japan through the country’s listing approval system and can be used as a physical payment method at 8,000 LINE Pay merchants in Japan.
To use LN, you can buy it in the listed exchanges Huobi, Bithumb,, and MEXC.

• What benefits does LN offer as a payment method?

Using LN as a payment method in DOSI rewards both sellers and buyers with economic benefits.

1. Save on Ethereum gas fees by 98% or more: Buyers can save on gas fees, and sellers can quickly sell their NFTs at higher prices as buyers can save more on purchases.
2. 30% more DON rewards: Trading with LN will reward approximately 30% more DON for purchases compared to Ethereum, NAVER Pay, and credit cards. (+DON effect may vary depending on LN market price until automation.) 
3. Trade 400 times faster than Ethereum: The transaction speed is approximately 400 times faster than Ethereum. Both sellers and buyers can complete transactions faster.

• How do I use the LN (Beta) payment system?

Payment with LN (Beta) in DOSI Citizen's Marketplace only supports C2C transactions at the moment. LN payment can be done through DOSI Vault, the first LN based non-custodial wallet. It is currently only available on PC.
※ A non-custodial wallet means a wallet that individuals have full control of. Users have full control over their private keys and assets.

C2C trade method in DOSI Citizen Marketplace using LN payment (Beta) service(Go to Medium)

List item for Sale

1. Enter the brand store where you want to sell NFT and access to your DOSI Wallet account.
2. Open the My NFT menu by clicking the top profile.
3. Check the available NFTs for sale among the NFTs you have and select the NFT you want to sell. Click the Sell button.
4. (When selling for the first time) Seller information registration proceeds.
5.  Go to the store where you bought the NFT and register the NFT for sale. Set the sale price in LN, and click the Confirm button.
6. Enter your 6 Passcode and it will be registered on Marketplace
7. Your NFT is now listed for sale. When the NFT is sold, the sale price will be settled to the LN wallet address registered in the seller information.

How to Buy

1. In the store, select the Marketplace menu.
2. Access your DOSI Wallet account.
3. After checking the LN price and NFT you want to buy, click the 'Buy Now' button.
4. On the DOSI Wallet payment screen, connect to your DOSI Vault wallet account.
5. Check the LN balance of the connected DOSI Vault wallet and click 'Buy Now'.
6.  If your payment request and transaction have been completed successfully, you can check the Payment Success page.
7. Check the NFT you purchased from DOSI Wallet.

For more details about the LINK (LN) payment (Beta) service, you can check it out with the medium channel below.

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[The upper limit for payment amount of LN Payment(Beta)]

DOSI has been providing beta services before the public mainnet conversion (foundation) of the LINE blockchain in order to allow users to experience LN payment as soon as possible. LN payment (Beta) service has an upper limit on the payment amount. In the case of DOSI's LN payment (Beta), there is an upper payment limit of USD 620,000 (USD 6,200,000 based on transaction amount) in terms of gas fees, and if the upper limit is exceeded within the schedule, the payment service may be temporarily suspended until the foundation of the LINE blockchain.

The upper limit on the payment amount is to comply with the internal and external regulatory environment and to protect users. If the foundation of the LINE blockchain is completed before the upper limit of the payment amount is exceeded, the service will continue without interruption. In addition, even if the beta service is temporarily suspended due tothe upper limit of the payment amount being exceeded due to the increase in users, the official payment service will be provided after the foundation of the LINE blockchain.

Various functions and benefits for Citizens will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Thank you.

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