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DOSI’s Special Features

Here are the four unique and special features of the DOSI platform: a platform ready to shape the NFT popularization.

  • Branded Stores

    You can find a variety of NFT collectibles and join the community.

  • Easy payment

    DOSI supports easy social login and multiple payment methods including fiat, credit cards, and crypto.

  • Special Membership

    Anyone can become a DOSI Citizen and earn benefits

  • Global Service

    Global NFT platform DOSI offers a variety of languages.

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DOSI Citizen, Special membership for NFT collectors

All DOSI users will get a variety of rewards and benefits based on DOSI Citizen membership.

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  1. 1

    Membership Launch

    Citizen PFP Airdrop to all DOSI wallet users and rewarding starts

  2. 2

    DOSI Adventure Launch

    NFT raffle promotion launch for Citizens

  3. 3

    DOSI Land Launch

    Expanding DOSI Land system and user experience

  4. 4

    Expansion to Citizen World

    Expanding DOSI Citizen services with 3rd parties

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